Ohara Koson

Carp Or Koi Poster

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Ohara Koson's "Carp or Koi" poster is a masterful depiction of the majestic carp or koi fish, where every brushstroke and shade is carefully chosen to convey depth and elegance. Ohara Koson, uses the woodcut technique with artistic precision to capture the moment of the fish moving through the water, creating a sense of movement and stillness at the same time. This Japanese poster fits well in all spaces in your home and combines particularly well with other Japanese artworks by the same artist.

Ohara Koson was a skilled Japanese wood artist known for seamlessly blending traditional and modern influences in his depictions of nature. Born in 1877, Koson's legacy lies in his masterful prints, especially those paintings of birds, flowers and landscapes.

This poster is printed on Hahnemühle 210g, a high-quality eco-labeled paper. Frame is not included when purchasing items.

All Hahnemühle papers have been certified by independent institutes to be highly resistant to aging and last up to 60 years. The paper is also vegan produced and contains no wood fibers.

We use an industry-leading printer that is specially designed to meet the needs of conscious photographers and artists. We print all posters with 12 colors for maximum color absorption and contrast (the printing standard for posters is 4-8 colors). This enables a print quality with an unbeatable wealth of detail that captures the very clearest colors and results in a print with fantastic deep blacks.

Normal delivery time is 1-3 working days from the order date. Orders within Sweden are normally sent within 24 working hours.

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